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Custom Redirect

When users submit your form successfully they are redirected to our built in Thank You page informing them their submission was successful.

Default Jamform thank you page

Clicking 'Go back' on this page will redirect the user back to your site to continue what they were doing.

Custom Redirect Setup:

If you would prefer for your users to never leave your site you can set up a custom redirect to a URL of your choice. When you have a custom redirect set up your users will be directed to the page you supply on successful submissions instead of our default Thank You page.

You can set your custom redirect URL from your form dashboard . On your form dashboard, navigate to the 'Settings' tab and you will see a panel titled 'Custom Redirect'. In that field you can see what the redirect URL is currently set as and update it to a different URL.

Custom redirect input field

After you enter a URL and click 'Update redirect' your custom redirect will immediately be activated.