Jamform | Simple, Serverless, Forms Made Easy

Simple, serverless HTML forms.

No server. No database. No problem! Point your HTML <form> to your unique Jamform endpoint, and we'll collect your form submissions for you.

<form action="https://jamform.com/f/{formId}" method="POST">
  <label>Your email:
    <input type="email" name="email" />
  <button type="submit">Send</button>

How it works

It only takes a few minutes to get your Jamform form up and running, here's how it works.

Connect your form
Point your form's action attribute to you unique Jamform endpoint. This connects your HTML form to to your Jamform account.
Add your form fields
All fields included in your form are sent to Jamform on submission, including text, checkboxes, dropdowns, and even files.
Recieve submissions
Every time your form is submitted Jamform will process the submission, block any spam, store the data, notify you by email, and trigger any integrations like webhooks.

All the features you want

Jamform comes jam-packed with all the features you need for your forms and more.

Serverless form endpoint
Capture and store and submissions from your HTML forms without the need for a server or database.
Easy integration
Integrate your form in a matter of seconds with popular JAMstack frameworks like Gatsby, Next.js, and Jekyll.
File uploads
Allow your form's users to easily upload multiple files along with their submissions.
Submission export
Quickly export all of your form's submissions for storage or external use.
Spam prevention
Prevent bots and other automated form submissions with honeypot fields and reCAPTCHA support.
Email notifications
Never miss a contact, receive an email notification every time a new form submission comes in.
Webhook support
Receive webhook notifications on new submissions to easily setup automations and external integrations.
Custom redirects
Don't want to redirect users to our built in Thank You page? Setup a custom redirect back to your site.

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