Jamform | Simple, Serverless, Forms Made Easy

JamformWhat is Jamform?

Jamform is a form backend service designed to make it easy to capture form submissions without the need for a server or database.

Simply point your forms action attribute to your Jamform endpoint and we will automatically capture and save any submissions sent from your form. This allows you to get your website up and running quickly and focus on what is important, instead of wasting valuable time setting up communication channels.

Use cases:

  • Create a contact form on your JAMstack website
  • Quickly launch an MVP before finishing your database
  • Capture emails on your coming soon page
  • Handle simple orders and registrations

Whether you're building a personal portfolio site or an enterprise level application, collecting and maintaining data is a valuable yet painstaking task. Let Jamform simplify the process for you and start receiving your data in just a few minutes.