Managing Submissions Status

In Jamform, you have the flexibility to enable or disable receiving submissions at your convenience. This feature is particularly useful for managing the influx of submissions according to your needs.

What is Submissions Status?

The Submissions Status setting in Jamform allows you to control whether your form endpoint is actively receiving submissions. You can toggle this setting to either stop receiving submissions temporarily or resume them.

Enabling/Disabling Submissions

  1. Navigate to the "Advanced Setup" section in your Jamform dashboard.

  2. Under 'Submissions Status', you'll see a switch that can be toggled 'on' to enable submissions or 'off' to disable them.

    • Disable Submissions: Switch to 'off' to stop receiving submission emails temporarily. Your form will still be live, but submissions won't be processed or counted against your usage limit.
    • Enable Submissions: Switch to 'on' to resume receiving submissions.


  • When submissions are turned off, users attempting to submit forms will be directed to an error page letting them know the form is not accepting submissions, you won't receive these submissions.
  • This feature is useful for periods when you expect high volumes of submissions or need to pause form activity for any reason.

Note: Disabling submissions can be a useful way to manage your usage limit on Jamform, ensuring you only receive submissions when needed.