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Form Setup

To begin receiving submissions you first need to create a new Jamform form and wire it up to your HTML form.

You can create a new form by visiting your form dashboard and clicking on the 'Create new form' button

Create form button on the forms page

When you click to create a new form, you will be prompted to enter a name for your form. This name will only be used for you to identify this form in case you set up multiple endpoints.

Create form modal with name input

Once you enter a name for your form and click 'Create' your new Jamform form will be created for you and added to your form list. Clicking on this form list item will take you to your form details page where you can see any form submissions as well as further instructions on how to set up your form endpoint.

Form list with new form displayed

On your form details page, click on the 'Setup' tab to view your Jamform's unique endpoint URL to use with your HTML form, and example code if you do not have an HTML form set up already.

Setup page with form endpoint and example code

If you wish to use Jamform with an existing form on you website or application, simply copy your 'Form URL' and paste it into the action attribute in your form. If you do not have a form setup already, you can copy the entire example block of code under the 'Form Code' that already contains your form Url as a boilerplate to work off of. Make sure your form's method attribute is set to 'POST' as your Jamform endpoint will only accept data from POST requests.

Be sure to set up all form inputs that you need for your form, for example email, name, and phone number. You do not need to make any changes on your Jamform account when you change up your form fields, your form endpoint is designed to capture any and all data fields that it receive.

That's all!

Now that you have your form setup to point all submissions to your Jamform endpoint, every time someone submits your form all data will be sent and saved directly to your email address on file and stored in your Jamform account for later use.