Honeypot Field

The Honeypot field is a security feature in Jamform to deter spam by identifying and filtering out submissions from bots.

What is a Honeypot Field?

A Honeypot field is a hidden input in your form that should remain empty. It's invisible to human users but can be filled out by bots. When the _honeypot field is filled, Jamform recognizes the submission as a bot attempt and discards it. The user (or bot) is still redirected to the success page, preventing the bot from detecting its failure.

Setting up a Honeypot Field

  1. Add a hidden input field to your form with the name _honeypot.
  2. Ensure the field is left empty.
  3. If the _honeypot field is filled during submission, Jamform will silently ignore the submission.

Example HTML:

<form action="YOUR_JAMFORM_ENDPOINT" method="post">
  <!-- Other form elements -->
  <input type="hidden" name="_honeypot" value="" />
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>


  • The Honeypot field should be invisible to users and left empty. It serves as a trap for bots, helping to keep your submissions genuine._
  • The _honeypot field will not show up in submission emails or webhook data