Getting Started with Jamform

Welcome to Jamform! Getting started is quick and easy, thanks to our streamlined sign-up and sign-in process using "magic links". Here's how to get set up.

Sign Up/Sign In Process

Jamform simplifies the process of signing up and signing in. Both actions are performed on the same page and use a secure "magic link" sent to your email.

Steps to Sign Up or Sign In

  1. Navigate to the sign-in page on the Jamform website.

  2. On the sign-in page, enter your email address in the field labeled "Your email".

![image showing the sign-in page with email input field]

  1. After entering your email and clicking "Sign in", check your email inbox for a secure sign-in link from Jamform.

  2. In your inbox, open the email from Jamform and click on the provided sign-in link.

    • Existing Users: If you already have an account, clicking the link will directly sign you in.
    • New Users: If you're a new user, clicking the link will create a new account for you and sign you in simultaneously.

Why Magic-Link?

  • Enhanced Security: Magic links reduce the risks associated with password breaches.
  • Simplified Access: No need to remember passwords – just your email address.
  • Streamlined Verification: Your email is verified each time you sign in, ensuring secure communication and delivery of form submissions.

Note: Ensure that the email you use for signing in is accessible and secure, as it will be the primary method for account access.